Fairbairn House has grown over the years.  She now boasts not only the beautiful restored family home, but also a heritage barn, a log cabin, and the ever-popular summer stage!


Opened in June, 2018, our barn was built with wood saved from barns from yesteryear. The barn offers a welcome new display space and community venue.

The posts of the barn display the names of various supporters who have contributed to help us ‘keep the lights on’ at Fairbairn House.

Thank you!

Fairbairn House Heritage Barn
Log Cabin Interior

The Log Cabin

This 1920s round-log cabin was donated to the Centre by the National Capital Commission (NCC) in 2012. It was taken down at Meech Lake, Chelsea, moved and then re-built as it was originally constructed, thanks to the  craftsmanship of Daniel Régimbald, Derrick Oliver, and a group of Fairbairn House volunteers.

The 22′ x 20′ structure is an excellent example of round-log construction. As the earliest one-room schools in the Gatineau Valley were also log buildings, the cabin is furnished as a simple early school-room, to re-create the era for both adult visitors and student groups;

The cabin provides an ideal setting for workshops on traditional skills and activities.  In addition, the Fairbairn House staff look forward to launching an “Escape Cabin” in the summer of 2023. 


Located behind Fairbairn House, our stage sits at the bottom of a small hill creating a natural amphitheatre. Newly renovated in 2022, the stage has hosted countless concerts, weddings, a few retreats, graduation ceremonies and workshops. 

Fairbairn House Stage
Hendrick Park

3 Sisters Garden and Picnic area

Looking for a quiet place to grab a picnic after your walk across the covered bridge?  Why not pop into Hendrick Park and grab a table!